35 Celebrity Wedding Ideas You Should Steal

35 Celebrity Wedding Ideas You Should Steal

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When we think of celebrity weddings, we think of extremely elaborate affairs.

Maybe you think you can’t afford them like having a wedding on a rocket ship headed for Mars.

Okay so that might actually happen in the future.

But you’d be surprised how down to earth some of these celebrities can be with their weddings. And hey, even if they have some expensive ideas, maybe those are the areas to spend your money if you get truly inspired.

So let’s look at some celebrity weddings and get your brain moving to see what you can incorporate into your own wedding.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi in their own home

A power celebrity couple has to get married in a palace, right?

No! Unless you consider their house their palace.

That’s right. Ellen and Portia got married in their own home which they had decorated beautifully with their closest friends and relatives.

So why is this great?

They saved a boatload on a venue which is great and they kept it relatively small.

Just goes to show that you can be luxurious and keep it simple!

Kim and Kanye keep it sexy

Did you see Kim’s dress here?

Let’s talk about it. The sexy cut-out dress was a huge a hit.

Now you might be thinking, "I can’t wear that with my family around."

You may be surprised. What makes this dress great is that it is subtly sexy, not too overt.

So even in traditional circumstances, this is something you can get away with.

Just because you may be having a religious ceremony, don’t discount the possibility of changing it up a little bit and showing a little bit of skin.

But if you are going to keep it traditional, maybe don’t show your mom some of Kim’s “less clothed” Instagram pics.

Olivia Palermo keeps it simple

Did you know that you don’t even need a dress?

Apparently Olivia Palermo knew that.

At her wedding, she wore a white sweater and a Carolina Herrera tulle.

How did she get away with that?!

If you’re a fashion icon, you set the rules.

So what does this all go to show?

You can set the rules for your wedding too! If you are spending plenty of money already on decor or the venue, and you don’t really care about the dress, then… don’t wear a dress!

It’s that simple.

After all, it’s your day. You should be able to do what you want.

Sean Parker takes it to the forest

Did you ever want a magical themed wedding?

Maybe for you that means a “fairy tale” theme or something of the sort.

That’s exactly the kind of thing Sean Parker did in his forest themed wedding.

And with this kind of setting, we are reminded of movies like Lord of the Rings or some of the older Disney movies.

Maybe some leprechaun or elf will come out to surprise the happy couple.

Now here’s the thing about themes like this: they can be very difficult to pull off.

First off, it may be hard to get everyone on board with a forest theme.

It also may be difficult to get a venue that works for you within a forest. Not exactly the traditional hotel venue, right?

They have a bunch of alternative venues that you can book immediately once you download the app.

The point is, make sure the rest of your logistics work before you pick a theme like this.

Mariah and Nick: just get it over with

You know what’s another great theme other than the forest theme? The “let’s just get married now” theme.

Never heard of that theme before? It’s ok, I just made it up but it’s really just another word for eloping.

Do you think eloping is just for the impetuous amongst us?

Think again!

Even celebrities like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon think eloping is the way to go. They had a very romantic experience by eloping on an island for their big day.

And you can do the same thing.

If you just want to have a small, little ceremony, you don’t need to go the cliche Vegas route. Just elope, and save the money for an amazing honeymoon.

Unfortunately, Mariah and Nick’s marriage didn’t last but let’s not think it was eloping that caused it!

William and Kate: a royal inspiration

Prince William and Kate Middleton got married over 5 years ago but we are still talking about it.

What better wedding to take inspiration from than the royal one?

There’s a lot to take from this one but I’m going to try to isolate some key things that worked great.

First off, Kate’s dress tells us we can still stick to the classics. She had sleeves and a 9 foot long train which brings to mind a 1950s sort of style.

And what’s wrong with that?

Is anyone here going to knock a style reminiscent of Grace Kelly?

One other nifty idea we can see from Kate and William is having more than one party?

Ever thought the party after the ceremony didn’t last long enough? Why not have a breakfast after as well?

That’s two parties and maybe even twice the fun.

Allison Williams shows us her veil

It’s not just about the dress, which was an exquisite Oscar de la Renta.

But did you see her long veil?

Think about having a tulle floor-length veil for your wedding. It may seem over the top but when are you going to be able to go all out on an accessory like that ever again?

Nicky Hilton personalizes her shoes

When Nicky Hilton married James Rothschild, she wore a gorgeous pair of custom-made white satin Louboutins.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.

She had the wedding date, the couple’s initials, and “Mrs. Rothschild” adorned on her shoes.

You can think of doing that too by taking your footwear or some other element of your wedding and personalizing it.

Wouldn’t it be nice on your 10 year anniversary to see those shoes with those personalizations on them?

That’s some great nostalgia in the making.

Sofia Vergara let’s them eat cake

When Sofia Vergara married Joe Manganiello, she decided to go with an enormous wedding cake.

It was five-tiered and adorned with sugar flowers.

It was so good looking, you could… eat it!

It also served as the anchor to the custom sundae bar.

So do you need a 5 story cake?

Definitely not, but let’s take that as some inspiration. Put some thought into your desserts and maybe think about some creative designs for your wedding cake.

Vanessa Ray helps bring back boho-chic

Boho-chic comes and goes but celebrities like Vanessa Ray are keeping it up in their weddings.

This is one of those styles that’s easy and fun to incorporate into your own wedding.

Instead of fancy vases for your flowers, give your florist an eclectic mix of bottles and small containers. And fill those bottles with some wild flowers.

Keeping it simple and classy? Sign me up!

Lauren Conrad gets candid for the camera

Check out Lauren Conrad’s candid non-posed pick here:

Dear 2015, 2014 is going to be pretty hard to top... ( 📷: @elizabethmessina )

A post shared by Lauren Conrad (@laurenconrad) on

So what can we learn from this? That the pic was good enough for Instagram? Ok there’s that.

But also, you want to make sure your photographer has a certain degree of freedom to take candid pics.

Not everything needs to be posed.

Why does this work?

When you look back on your wedding photo album, don’t you want to see how happy or silly you were in the moment?

Of course you do!

Ashley Tisdale wears flowers in her hair

My best friend. Im so lucky you chose me to be your wife. #1yearanniversary

A post shared by Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) on

How does the line go, “If you’re going to get married, make sure to wear flowers in your hair”?

No, that’s not how it goes but let’s learn from Ashley here and think of using floral hair garlands.

So now we’ve looked at interesting veils and garlands that celebrities use.

Head accessories are definitely something to keep in mind for your inspiration.

Audrina Patridge says aloha

It’s not all about the dress. Audrina Patridge kept it Hawaiian with flowers, twinkling lights, and alfresco dining.

She also had mismatched glassware which works on a budget.

What does all this mean?

You can have a budget wedding, outdoors, and keep the costs relatively down.

Now that’s some inspiration!

The former Brangelina incorporates the kids

For all you getting married who have kids already: are you looking to incorporate the younguns into your big day?

Check out what Angelina Jolie did to her veil for her wedding day with Brad Pitt.

She had children prior to the wedding and she let them doodle on her veil.

To the untrained eye this looks like ruining the veil.

But this is a really sweet way to bring in your kids into the big day.

Salma Hayek adds some mystery

Salma Hayek made her rehearsal dinner into a masked ball where the guests were issued gold and black masks. Then the guests were encouraged to take these masks to the ceremony the next day.

This is a fun, little idea to add some intrigue to your ceremony.

Think of a Renaissance or Shakespeare sort of theme.

The eyes are known as the “windows into the soul”. So if you can hide them a little bit, it automatically makes the guests more enticed at the wedding.

Courtney Cox and David Arquette get a little silly

Courtney and David had some pretty funny wedding invitations. What they did was she wore a wig and he wore a squirrel costume. In the tag, it said, "we’re nuts about each other"!

You can think of personalizing your wedding invitations this way. Take a funny picture or incorporate some poems or songs into it.

The good news?

The invitations will be memorable. And you can do these on a budget.

Fergie and Josh have a joint bachelor/bachelorette party

Who says you need to have separate bachelor and bachelorette parties?

Fergie and Josh Duhamel had a joint his and hers bachelor/bachelorette party at an LA lounge.

This won’t work for every couple but hey, Fergie is doing it, so it must be cool.

Natasha Bedingfield married in a vineyard

Natasha Bedingfield took her wedding to the vines of Malibu.

Think of this when you are thinking of a venue perfect for your special day.

Remember that vineyards kind of give off the same rustic feel as a barn or farmhouse so make sure this is the right one for you.

And of course since it is a vineyard and you’ll be outdoors, make sure it is the right season.

Aaron Paul roars with the 1920s

Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian got married in Malibu in May of 2013.

They chose a 1920s type of wedding, going for a Great Gatsby kind of look.

And it seems like they went all the way with it including coat and tails, opera gloves, and fringed frocks.

That’s really sticking to a theme.

So you can think of going with the 1920s as well.

But maybe the bigger lesson here is that when you pick a theme, stick with it and go all the way with it.

Channing Tatum gives Jenna Dewan a fairy tale wedding

Remember the idea of sticking with your theme?

Channing and Jenna went pretty far with the fairy tale wedding theme. How?

The two flower girls wore wings and guests were given crystals as wedding favors.

And as for the cake, it is was shaped like a magic castle with decorations evoking a fairy theme.

So there you go. It’s hard to take your theme too far.

Kelsey Grammar has his own version of the untraditional

Kelsey Grammar married Kayte Walsh and what did they have for their dessert: a carrot cake?

That’s a pretty unusual choice but they really made it their own.

How so?

It was almost 5 feet tall with little extras like mini ice cream cones and smoothies.

These little treats were a hit along with the cake.

This just goes to show that the little extras can mean everything at your wedding.

Additionally, if you want to do something strange like the carrot wedding cake, make sure to go all the way with it and own it.

Jason Priestley and Naomi Lowde have great wedding favors

For their wedding, Jason and Naomi gave away Fortnum and Mason Teas.

Now why was this a big deal?

This 150+ year old brand is the official grocer to the royalty of England and everything they sell has an air of classiness.

What better way for your guests to feel appreciated than for you to give them a great wedding favor like that?

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin with some unique decor

When Barbra and James married, they put floating candles and faux flowers in their swimming pool.

So what do we have here?

Another wedding at a home which is always an option.

But more importantly, putting candles and faux flowers in a pool is a beautiful piece of decor and relatively cheap as well.

So once again, we can keep the budget features of these celebrities in mind.

George and Amal in Venice

George and Amal Clooney got married in Venice. And for what better reason than the beautiful Venetian canals.

Can you imagine cruising through water while the sunset provides a perfect light to your wedding?

So if you are thinking of a destination wedding, could it really get better than Venice?

Especially if you want to incorporate water heavily?

John Legend in Lake Como

Italy is a popular destination, not just for George and Amal.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen got married in Lake Como.

Unlike Venice though, Lake Como is more toward the country.

But really, if you are getting married in Italy, it’s hard to go wrong with location.


Do you feel inspired?!

Celebrities may have more money to burn but many have incorporated really fun and meaningful ideas into their weddings which are very affordable.

Or maybe you learned something you don’t want to do.

Either way, it’s always valuable to see what goes for luxury and opulence these days.

What are some of your favorite celebrity wedding ideas? Let us know in the comments below.