Where To Have Destination Weddings: Tourism Statistics

The world loves to travel and people are traveling now more than ever, and not just for affordable destination weddings.

Once again, never a better time than now to get into the hospitality industry.

So where are people going?

Based on the infographic below, you can see there’s a lot of buzz around Europe, North America, and China.

And this makes sense.

The hospitality industry in these countries have been catering to international tourists for quite some time.

France is number one by quite a lot. Why could that be?

Well France, especially Paris, has an especially great reputation for world travelers when it comes to romantic getaways. Destination weddings overseas are becoming more and more popular in locations such as France.

It’s also well located in the heart of Western Europe to be a good hub for European travelers.

And you really cannot beat the food there either.

For American tourists, there’s not really a surprise of where Americans are going internationally: the border countries of Canada and Mexico make up the largest portion. Out here in Los Angeles, it’s not hard to book an all inclusive trip to the different resorts of Mexico.

And of course the top U.S. state visited each year is California. Because you know, it’s paradise here and people want to meet the movie stars.

Or maybe you disagree and you rather go somewhere else?

What are your top tourist destinations? Let us know in the comments below.

Tourism Statistics

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