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EventForte, Inc. provides free access to professional event technology through the DreamForte Program


DreamForte empowers future leaders in hospitality

An initiative to provide EventForte, Inc's cutting-edge event technologies to hospitality students and academicians for free.

  • Welcome to the world of event management technology

    Plan and schedule events, manage guest lists, create diagrams and seating charts, check in guests and more. Experience unlimited 3D visualizations of your events.

  • Share and collaborate from tablet, phone and web

    EventForte's cloud-based event management platform enables you to work closely with collaborators from any device, at any time, from anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DreamForte Program?

Through the DreamForte Program, institutions of higher learning, their professors, lecturers, administrative personnel, and students receive a free premium subscription to utilize EventForte event management technologies for learning, teaching, and research purposes.

How do I create an account?

To take advantage of the DreamForte Program, you MUST sign up from this page using your .edu email. If you sign up from another location, you may receive a lower subscription level. Only select schools are eligible for this offer, contact your school to learn more.

I represent an educational institution - how can we participate in the DreamForte Program?

Please register your institution at

I have more questions about DreamForte.

Please email us at

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