Hospitality Online: Internet Travel & Hotel Booking Statistics

Did you know there are 148.3 million travel bookings on average every year?! That’s a huge industry and it’s growing every year as well.

But where are people making their bookings? It turns out that a brand’s website is the largest source. So if you’re booking a flight, you are more likely to do it from the airline’s website than anywhere else. That's hospitality online done right.

Could that show brand loyalty?

That would make sense, right?

So what kind of travel are people buying? According to our statistics, the breakdown goes like this: 39% are booking hotels, 37% are booking plane tickets, and 17% are booking packaged tours. The rest is corporate travel and miscellaneous.

More and more sites are offering all-in-one packages which includes hotel, airfare, transportation, and food. So that industry is growing as is the travel industry in general.

Also check out important reviews are for travelers. In the age of hospitality online reviews, you better keep your stars up to get more bookings. So you know, the extra pillow mint never hurts.

People have much more of a platform to voice their opinions than ever before. You can leave a review that will impact potentially hundreds of people whether they will buy or not buy something.

That’s definitely something for all businesses, not just travel ones to consider.

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Travel & Hotel Booking Statistics

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