How Much Are These Wedding Cake Ideas?

If you ever wondered whether the wedding industry is lucrative (and not just for the wedding cake industry), check this out:

The average bride spends $26,989 on her wedding. That’s a lot of money. So what is eating into those costs?

Well the average wedding dress is over $1,300 for one. And then you have to factor in venue rentals, catering, and everything else.

One interesting fact is that the average time of engagement is 14.7 months. Those are long engagements historically speaking but with weddings bigger than ever before, it takes that much time to plan something great.

So you want to make sure your plans go on without a hitch and if you are just engaged, consider getting a wedding planner either to help you through the whole process or at least the day of.

Trust me, having that extra help on hand is worth it especially if you are already shelling out for luxurious stuff.

Tell us about how your wedding went and how the costs worked out for you in the comments below.

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